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May 27, 2017
1:40 pm
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May 27, 2017
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May 26, 2017
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May 25, 2017
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My thoughts on the Samurai Jack Finale

Journal Entry: Mon May 22, 2017, 5:12 PM

Well Samurai Jack is over, and we got a cartoon cannon ending. My thoughts on it: I enjoyed it when I 1st saw it, but when I looked at the ending from the fans perspective and a more critical viewpoint, I gave in to the criticisms and massively agreed that this ending wasn't good and it should have been done better.

Yes there were good things such as the fan service with all of Jack's friends and the people he help over the course of the show coming to help in Jack's darkest hour, and the romance between Jack and Ashi was sweet, but the problems are huge: It was all rushed and wasn't drawn out as it should've been, there was no real epic final battle between Jack and Aku, there was no proper acknowledgement of the fact that if Jack went back to the past, he would've undone the dark Aku future, but also potentially forever change or remove Ashi and all his friends he made along the way with the big timeline reset, no actual big moment of Jack deciding whether to go back to the past as he originally set out to do or stay in the future to move live a new life there and build a new future, no proper goodbye between Jack and all his friends, Ashi was erased from existence like Nia in Gurren Lagann (love the series but HATED that bullshit last moment rip your heart out punch to the feels in the end, Simon deserved Nia and Jack deserved Ashi), and the worst part is is that it was all rushed and it was good in some ways but it could of been so much better!

Overall I liked it at first, but once the actual storyteller in me kicked in, I felt this should've been on much more epic scale and this kinda felt like the weaket send off to 1 of the greatest cartoons of all time, and that's a damn shame. Now everybody is talking about how it should've ended like the now non-cannon IDW Samurai Jack comics, and now there are those who are even writing their own endings to Samurai Jack via fanfiction, and honestly I might try my own at some point because of this. I think I might in the things that I believe may make this stronger: A better battle between Jack and Aku, actually make Jack choose between going back to the past or learning to get over the past and live in the future as his new focus on the present and build a better future, and maybe make get over her demons with Aku in more meaningful way other than the cliche power of love and maybe write in a way she can still exist whether Jack goes back to the past or not. There is so much more in the story Genndy told with this show that was great but this ended this epic journey nearly 20 years in the making with a whimper instead of a triumphant bang, but now we at least have closure with the show, but the closure should've been better represented. It was good on paper, but the execution was not good enough and the ending should've been so much more. When Genndy said the ending would be bittersweet, he did it in more than just the shows ending, but the fandom now feels good that the story is complete but the ending is not as good as they hoped it would be.

Still I'm glad Jack beat Aku and he finally made it back to the past, and it sucks that the ending wasn't as grand as I imagined it would be, but I guess at this point we can all probably imagine our own more epic non-cannon endings for the show as opposed to what Genndy gave us, but now I'm happy the story is finally finished and it's sad to see such a great show go, and on a sour note, but that's it, Samurai Jack's quest of a story is over, it was great and ruined at the same time, it started so strong but ended so weak, but I'll always remember it for everything it was, strengths 'n flaws and all. Thanks for the memories, Jack. You can now be a cartoon that can retire with some grace and dignity. *Watchyaout!*


Well I've reached another small milestone. 80+ watchers. I reached it awhile ago, but with some watchers deactivating or disappearing without a trace, I've decided to subtract those "who don't count" now, and it gets annoying, but it's stable enough to settle on 80+. For all of you who have stayed and those who recently just joined, I thank you for choosing to be with me and the art I try to do. I know if I did more art and focused on it instead of being negative about it like I was in the past or being lazy about it like I am now, I would've broken 100 watchers by now, but for what I've done, I value each and everyone of you, not just as a number, but as people who choose to listen to my stories and give this small part time artist some recognition is something I like in a lot of your presences, especially the ones who speak out to me regularly and have become those I deem as artistic friends. I say to all my 80+ followers, I thank you for everything.
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